Why Get Screened?

Risk Factors

1 in 14 Canadians will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Could it happen to you? Remember, colorectal cancer is up to 90% curable when caught early through screening.

Are you at risk?

People over age 50 are at a higher risk for colorectal cancer.

The number of cases in young people is rising.

Colorectal cancer affects men and women almost equally.

Rate of colorectal cancer diagnosis by age.

If colorectal cancer runs in your family

You should have a colonoscopy 10 years earlier than the age at which your first-degree relative (mother, father, brother sister) was first diagnosed. That means, if your father was diagnosed at 55, doctors recommend you get your first colonoscopy at 45.

Based on your family history and other risk factors, talk to your doctor about the type of screening test you may need and when to have it.

Learn about screening options

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