Who We Are

Our mission:

To raise awareness about the prevalence and preventability of colon cancer and to promote screening for it. Our goal is for every eligible Canadian to be screened for colorectal cancer on a timely basis.

Our founder

Mariellen Black founded the Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative Foundation (CCSIF) in April 2000, less than a year after she was diagnosed with colon cancer. The name of the foundation was later changed to Screen Colons Canada, but our ultimate goal remains the same: to help prevent colorectal cancer by encouraging people to get screened for this highly preventable disease.

Hear Mariellen’s story

Members of the Medical Advisory Board

Tony Fields, M.D.
Alberta Cancer Board

Steven Gallinger, M.D.
Mount Sinai Hospital

Jane Green, Ph.D.
Memorial University

Robert Mustard, M.D.
St. Michael’s Hospital

Linda Rabeneck, M.D., M.P.H., F.R.C.P.C.
Cancer Care Ontario, Chair

Margaret Somerville, A.M., F.R.S.C.
McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics & Law

Judith Trudel, M.D.
Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota

Board of Directors

Scott Clarke, Chair

Barbara-Anne Maier, Vice-Chair and Secretary

André Zaher, Treasurer

Honourary Directors

Darryl Sittler, Honourary Chair

Christie Black

Alannah Campbell

Deborah Cotton

Heather Gardiner

Jay Gordon

Jack MacDonald

Marci Pearlman

Marion Plunkett

Gerry Sadvari

Fransi Weinstein

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Hambly & Woolley

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