Other Screening Options

A variation on the FOBT, the fecal immunochemical test uses a more advanced laboratory method to detect the presence of blood in your stools. This test is only available in some provinces and will be coming to Ontario in fall 2018.

Virtual Colonoscopy
This test is only used in select cases. It allows a radiologist to look for polyps without having to use a colonoscope. Advanced X-ray equipment is used to produce pictures of the colon and rectum, which are assembled into detailed images that can reveal the presence of polyps and other abnormalities. Sedation is not required, due to the use of x-ray equipment. The preparation for this test is the same as with a standard colonoscopy. Nothing can be removed during a virtual colonoscopy, so if polyps are found, a standard colonoscopy is required.

CRC Blood Test
There are blood tests available that try to assess your current risk of having colorectal cancer, but they are not widely recommended by the medical community. If you have questions, ask your primary care provider.

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